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Bathtime with Pia [Pia&Forte]



"Owwy…teeheehee, I’m A-Okay! Never been better, for realsies!" Pia attempted a thumbs-up, but fell backwards into the water in a daze. Bubbles rose up from her mouth, which was submerged. Not that she couldn’t breath, though!

After getting back on her feet (er, tail?) she saw Forte’s hand outstretched towards her. The ever-cheerful girl took it gratefully and smiled. “Hey, your towel’s fallin’ off…I’ll fix it!” With nimble fingers, Pia tied it up for the knight in a small bow. How she managed to do that with a towel, she’d never tell. A bathkeeper thing, perhaps?

Still woozy, Pia barely could sense the shock in Forte’s voice. “Yup, I’m a mermaid, alright…IN THE FLESH! Pretty IMPRESSIVE, HUH?!” Her energy returned suddenly, and she splashed dramatically in the water. “Is it just me, or is this bath more…fishy than usual?” She laughed hysterically at her own joke.


Still standing awkwardly to the side, Forte swallowed hard when the other girl grabbed at her towel. She was a little impressed, though slightly unsettled, by how she tied a bow into a towel. 

"Wow!" She mumbled a little, quickly snapping out of it though after realizing she had been staring. "Oh, I apologize, I hope I haven’t made you uncomfortable. I’ve just never met a mermaid before."

Takes a second, not getting the joke right away, before chuckling somewhat nervously. “Are you sure you’re alright? It seemed like you hit your head pretty hard, I can take you over to the clinic if you want.”

With a quick nod, Pia assured Forte of her well-being. As happy-go-lucky as a girl could be, she didn’t want to worry her new friend. Not to mention, how could she be unhappy in a bath? It was her place of most comfort, after all!

Although still slightly woozy, the mermaid girl stepped lightly into the water again. Her eyes blissfully glazed over as she sunk into the steamy bath, the bubbles around her popping like little stars. Her rosy locks had become heavy with frothy liquid. As a self-proclaimed “professional bath-taker”, Pia made sure Forte was watching as she entered the bath, focusing intently. 

"Okay! Forte, now it’s your turn! Do just like I did and hop on in! Heehee, aren’t the bubbles pretty? I almost wanna kiss ‘em!"

OH NO YOU DON’T [Pia/Jack/Micah]




"OOOOOH, yeah! I’ve been here before, but I don’t think I visited your house…have you got a bath?" Pia rambled, skipping happily towards Jack’s ranch. "Or a kitchen? Why don’t we try cookin’ up some yummy foods together?"

The mermaid nearly squealed in excitement. It wasn’t often she got invited to people’s homes, most likely due to her energetic and eccentric nature. Well, to be fair, she usually just walked in uninvited. Nonetheless, upon catching sight of a large farmhouse, she began to run towards it full speed. “FIRST ONE TO JACKY-FISHY’S FARM WINS!!!!!”

Jack picked up the pace some, so that he could lead the way. He doubted that Pia remembered the way and knew Micah did not know. “You two can race,” he said. “I’ll just help you not get lost.” He looked at Pia. “One of my neighbors supposedly is keeping a mermaid in his house. I don’t want to find out if he’s collecting or not.”

H-hadn’t Jack already said he had a bath? Micah was getting a little worried about how excited Pia was. “I guess I wouldn’t mind cooking, but — “

He was interrupted by Pia’s squeal, and for a moment he was stunned as Pia ran off. “H-hey, wait!” Micah dashed after her. “You cheater!”

Pia had a headstart, and Micah wasn’t exactly feeling up to a run, so he ended up puffing and slowing down halfway. “Man…”

He ended up keeping pace with Jack instead. “What a bundle of energy, huh.”

Although her competition was less enthusiastic, Pia ran with all her might towards Jack’s farm, perspiring slightly. Not that she minded—water is water, after all! She flopped lazily onto a verdant patch of grass and sighed. Her eyes were squeezed tightly as she waited for the two men to arrive, and her body outstretched across a wide space. In her boredom (were those two really that slow?) the mermaid began to make snow angels, albeit her less-than-snowy surroundings.

Giggling to herself, she sat up, and crossed her fingers that Jack and Micah were finally there.

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: Does having a tail and fins have any advantages besides bath and water transportation?

"Well, they sure do get me lots of funny looks! I guess that’s a bad thing, though….ehehe! I guess as long as I like ‘em, I should keep on smiling!”

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this is just a little thanks for the HUUGE amount of questions both pia and leon always recieve!! i apologize for being slow..don’t fret if your ask hasn’t been answered, i keep them all and answer at my leisure ~ ’ w ‘ 

i’m happy that they get so many asks/prompts, hehe i hope my two characters are enjoyable in that regard!!! ///kisses all of u guys/////////

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#pia answers
: Have you ever been attracted to a fish?

"Attracted? Like "wanna marry it" kind of attracted? I sure have! I met this handsome fishy when I was a little mermaid!"


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